Curriculum Philosophy

Our fundamental goal with regard to the curriculum is to inspire all students to become lifelong learners. Therefore, we strive to make all of our curricular material both meaningful and productive. Our teachers work tirelessly to create lessons that meet and exceed the objectives and standards set forth by the Arizona Academic Standards and the Arizona Student Achievement Program. In addition, many of the lessons are designed to offer real life experiences that are meant to reinforce the basics of reading, writing, math, science, social studies, health, art, foreign language, music, technology, and physical education. CEE teachers are trusted with the responsibility of modifying the curriculum in an effort to meet the needs of individual students. All parents are encouraged to review our curriculum.


STEM is the new initiative that is sweeping the country and challenging schools to think differently about how we teach Science. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. CEE is proud to say that we are incorporating these different disciplines using a variety of methods. We celebrate our students’ interests and accomplishments each spring at our STEM Family Night as well as by entering Science related contests (i.e. To Be the Chemist) and the Arizona Science and Engineering Fair (AZSEF). For the past four years we have had several students win at the regional level and then win again at the state level!

The world of SCIENCE is ever changing and always moving forward. Our teachers work hard to build a strong foundation and appreciation for Science as well as incorporate it into all areas of lesson planning and instruction. Our students are inspired by local scientists, hands-on lessons, and projects that are available in our state-of-the-art science lab. They quickly develop a strong appreciation for all the possibilities Science has to offer and the doors it might open for future careers.

All of our Kindergarten through Eighth grade students have access to our computer lab where they take part in lessons based on Arizona’s TECHNOLOGY Standards. In addition to the computer lab, each classroom is equipped with computers as well as other technology to further develop every students’ skills. Our teachers utilize Smart Boards, document cameras, projectors, and many other tools create lessons that are both interesting and worthwhile.

ENGINEERING is the catalyst to developing skills that affect our everyday lives. CEE students love testing their ideas and developing new solutions to everyday problems. One way they develop these skills is through our partnership with INTEL. Dedicated employees from INTEL visit CEE and engage our children in meaningful lessons and demonstrations. CEE also hosts Club Invention (sponsored by The National Inventors Hall of Fame) as an extra curricular enrichment program. These enriching opportunities give our students problem solving and inquiry based challenges that build their continued development in all scientific areas. See our Supply Chain Program PDF.

Our MATHEMATICS program (Engage NY) has continued to thrive over the past seventeen years. We constantly strive to offer lessons and curriculum that fosters a strong foundation but also challenges all of our students. Many of our children work above grade level in math and are given the opportunity to work at their own, individual level. A dedicated Math Block each day supports students as well as gives our teachers time to deliver the direct instruction needed most.

Student Corner

This section of our website is dedicated to sharing the collective student “voice”. We feel that it’s extremely important to give each of our students an opportunity to let their voice be heard in a larger forum.

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