Parent Testimonials

“The school is a safe place that offers my child the complete school experience that includes extracurricular activities as well as the vital curriculum to turn her into a well-rounded student and person. Also, because the school is smaller than many other schools, I enjoy the feeling that “everyone knows each other” and recognizes my daughter. She’s not a nameless face in the crowd.”

– submitted by a parent

“I value the strong sense of community I feel at CEE and feel that the whole team, from administration to teachers, are invested in my child’s best interests.”

– submitted by a parent

“This has been a great year for my daughter- her first at CEE. Her teacher was awesome and I love the way she is able to work at her own level and not be held back by other classmates, and that other classmates can have extra help if they need it. I love that it is encouraged that everyone is different and different is good. This has been a great year for my daughter and look forward to many more at CEE. Thank you CEE!”

– submitted by a parent

“This school is top notch. Teachers are caring. The principal is helpful and responsive. Class sizes are small compared to public schools. Amount of homework is just right. They have a great music program and wonderful choices of after school clubs. There are lots of opportunities for parent involvement. The small, community feel to this school is wonderful.”

– submitted by a parent

“Very safe/comforting environment. Ms.Cochran’s passion for Education and educating children is very apparent – the entire school culture mirrors Ms.Cochran’s energy and enthusiasm for what she does – keep it up!”

– submitted by a parent

“Again, it is impossible to choose one thing. CEE is small enough to provide individual attention to each student. I am amazed that Mrs. Cochran, Virginia and Lisa know every student by name! It is such a caring environment that I feel completely safe and happy every day my child is in school. Yet the students are held accountable for their behavior too but in a respectful manner. That is one of the main problems with our society ~ we (myself included!) need to be held accountable for our actions and have someone hold us up to a high standard.”

– submitted by a parent

“We absolutely love this school and the faculty. My daughter left last year to go to a middle school and has returned this year in 7th grade. Teachers and staff are wonderful! I would recommend this school to anyone interested in a great education and a wonderful family environment!”

– submitted by a parent

“My children feel safe in such an extremely positive environment! When kids are safe and comfortable, they learn better. The boys and I appreciate all eyes on the kids and shaping them into good citizens.”

– submitted by LeAnn, parent

“We love this school. I pulled my children from Kyrene as I wasn’t happy with the attention or curriculum they were receiving from their prior school. This school offers everything I wanted for my children. Classes are small (25 is the limit), they offer art, music (have two concerts a year), PE and Spanish. Only thing they don’t offer is a big grass field. However, their large multi purpose room for the kids gives them plenty of room to exercise in. I also love the uniform dress code. The principal is a gem and knows every student by name. First day of school after we moved there, she greeted us at the door, got down on one knee, and told my children how excited she was that they were there. It brought tears to my eyes, as I never once had their prior principal in the course of two years not even attempt to say, “good morning”. We have been happy with our decision to move there.”

– submitted by a parent

“I love CEE due to the truly amazing teachers. Our children continue to flourish.”

– submitted by Paige, parent

“You are wonderful! My child feels safe & cared for which helps her learn.”

– submitted by Paula, parent

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